IT Infrastructure Deployment Services

A global first-mover in IT infrastructure; Molex operates on the cutting edge of technology and evolving IoT building application systems/solutions, direct to enterprise customers. Project Control is our unique deployment environment for global IT infrastructure projects.

When an organization looks to leverage technology to reach its business goals, there’s a huge range of products and providers but it’s the choice of services, technical expertise and deployment methodology that makes the real difference. 

Increased demand driven by long-term trends of IoT, connected LED lighting and office densification means that for a corporate IT infrastructure project owner, the game just got a whole load more complicated. What was once an occasional requirement to build new or upgrade existing infrastructure can now become a regular occurrence, with significant implications if what’s delivered doesn’t match what was planned. Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions has more than 35 years of expertise in every aspect of IT Physical Layer infrastructure and our customers demand a turnkey service they can trust to deliver enterprise-wide IT infrastructure deployments.

Our clever Project Control service innovates the delivery of corporate IT infrastructure projects by providing a transparent project planning and management environment that addresses the specific issues of project complexity, resource utilization and 24-7 visibility of multi-site or geographically-distant projects. A fully-turnkey service; it takes your toughest project challenges and brings them to life, leveraging a global team of IT infrastructure deployment specialists, our unique project management methodology and direct access to an exciting range of services and products.

With a global footprint in almost 60 countries and partnerships with a range of best-in-class IoT solution providers, we’re perfectly positioned to help you meet your business challenges, wherever they are.


Project Control is a fully-managed IT infrastructure project environment for physical layer deployments and any associated IoT building application including IP-enabled devices. With total accountability and 24-7 project visibility, it delivers a uniquely-capable and transparent response to the challenge of project locations remote from headquarters and is especially suited to multi-site IT system rollouts and multiple IP-enabled enterprise systems.



Molex’s Project Control team will manage the full project lifecycle for each of your IT infrastructure projects, regardless of their location or number of simultaneous deployments. We start every deployment by working with you to understand your objectives, then plan, procure (Molex + other vendors), install, commission and finally hand over a fully-tested system. We handle all the details, such as organizing international logistics and customs, ensuring all project participants are insured correctly, understanding local installation codes and ensuring legal compliance throughout.

To manage each project we use a methodology designed specifically for IT infrastructure projects, which is complemented by an innovative range of Service Elements (see below) and cutting-edge products. The result? Perfectly optimized deployments on even the most complex sites.



IP system growth and complexity drives a reliance on expert IT infrastructure planning and deployment in order that enterprise IT and Facility managers can focus on higher level applications and their core business.

Passing full responsibility for the delivery of complex or remote deployments to Molex instantly removes the stress and time drain of dealing with multiple vendors and suppliers directly ; however, we recognize that project owners should be able to retain control and to enable this, we appoint an experienced IT infrastructure project manager as your single point of contact (no more chasing!) and 24-7 project status visibility is available via our secure, cloud-based utility. Your Finance team will like working with us too, thanks to single source invoicing.

Project Control creates consistency in multiple IT infrastructure projects, no matter their location or complexity (important if you have a series of sites to deliver), which ensures ‘as delivered’ is ‘as planned’. We’ll bring your project home on time, to budget and to agreed quality expectations.

Molex supports your business with technical expertise, across an established global footprint for as much or as little of your IT infrastructure development program as you require.



Implementing Project Control fixes a common resourcing issue caused when internal IT or Facilities Management personnel are seconded to work on-site supporting remote projects, leaving a capabilities void in their regular role and potentially, a knowledge gap on-site. Managing this type of project is what we do; global, complex and hyperscale are our back yard. 

If you’d like to discover how seamless, experienced support via a team that delivers global IT infrastructure projects every single day can help your organization, please contact us to find out more…


LAN Cabling Projects Data Center Projects Connected Industrial High-Bay LED Lighting IT Asset Audit and Documentation Wireless LAN Deployments IT Security System Integration Workplace Acoustics Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

LAN Cabling Projects

With the rapid growth of IP-based systems, cloud services and the Internet of Things, it’s become essential to ensure that the LAN cabling system you specify and install today, meets the needs of your organization, tomorrow.

Project Control now makes it simple to find a trusted partner that can manage the whole process for you, regardless of its complexity or global location.

From system design through product specification, procurement, logistics and installation, our refreshingly different deployment methodology means you’ll always retain complete control of your project, whilst waving goodbye to the time drain of dealing with multiple vendors and contractors. 

We do it all for you… a single contract with total accountability, direct access to a cutting-edge range of products and none of the headaches!

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Data Center Projects

The data center is at the very heart of an organization’s critical infrastructure; whether it’s a single rack or covers many floors in a purpose-made building, getting the design of your data center cabling right is essential if you’re going to stay on top of your organization’s growth and IT upgrades.

With the rapid development of IoT and cloud-based technologies, understanding the latest technology and connectivity options is a full-time job in itself, so how do you keep up to speed?

Our Data Center service provides a highly-experienced, one-stop-shop, whether you’re upgrading, extending or building a new data center, from consultancy support at the design stage, providing direct access to the right products for your project, through to managing the installation and commissioning.

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Connected Industrial High-Bay LED Lighting

LED Lighting Brochure

Did you know, lighting consumes 18% of your organization’s electricity and it heats the building even when you don’t want it to? Getting efficient is great for both your organization and the planet but simply changing to LED bulbs isn’t always the best solution, as there are laws and building codes to consider that mandate efficiencies – plus some lighting solutions have a better payback than others.

Connected Enterprise Solutions proposes the patented Digital Lumens connected high-bay LED lighting system to improve lighting quality, reduce energy usage, virtually eliminate maintenance costs and boost employee productivity and safety. With its networked controls, data-rich sensors and easy-to-use analytics, our solution provides validated energy savings, often more than 90%, while delivering valuable insight into your industrial space across one or more locations.

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IT Asset Audit and Documentation

IT Asset Audit Brochure

ITAAD Briefing Document

The diversity and quantity of connected devices and infrastructure has greatly complicated decision-making, network design, project execution and asset tracking, particularly for infrastructure hidden behind walls – you can’t plan or manage IT infrastructures effectively if you do not know what you have.

Connected Enterprise Solutions proposes AssetGen Connect with Microsoft Visio to simplify the management of network assets and network management diagrams including logical diagrams, connectivity maps, floor plans, racks and power utilization and availability, with easy, one-click depictions. Our solution integrates with existing network management systems to ensure absolute accuracy of information about any network device, including its location and dependencies across multiple sites, within seconds. AssetGen Connect provides the foundation for a best practices environment, supporting powerful, repeatable process improvements for planning, managing and assessing the risks associated with network deployments.

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Wireless LAN Deployments

Designing a WLAN and deploying Wireless Access Points (WAPs) can be a complex exercise. WAPs and Wireless Controllers have long been a part of corporate infrastructure but with the recent introduction of BYOD and multiple-user handling enhancements of 802.11ax, corporations are being forced to upgrade their infrastructures.

Security concerns are not slowing demand and the deployment of Wireless Controllers in conjunction with multiple WAPs complying with varying 802.11x feature sets is a complex set of deployment policies for any IT group to manage.

Our Wireless LAN Deployment service can help you future-proof your organization’s WLAN infrastructure by providing site audits, installations and confirmation that the installed WLAN performs as designed.

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IT Security System Integration

CCTV and access control systems have been with us for years but technology has changed the way these
crucial systems operate
; there has been a seismic shift from analog cameras and video recorders to IP cameras and server-based video management systems with infinitely-expandable storage. The benefits are numerous but the downside is these systems can choke your LAN and the problem will only get worse if you’re thinking about adopting an IoT strategy.

That’s where we can help; by deploying our IP Security System Integration service we can explain the benefits of ONVIF and PSIA compliance for component interchangeability, we handle design, installation, commissioning, interoperability testing and integration with other business systems, which leaves you free to focus on your business.

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Workplace Acoustics

Sound Masking Brochure

As office areas change to more compact cubicles with conversation areas, it becomes increasingly important to maintain worker productivity in the presence of conversational noise. To achieve the sound of silence it takes a working knowledge of acoustics that’s not readily available, so who do you turn to for expertise? Molex, that’s who.

Connected Enterprise Solutions proposes the patented Cambridge Qt® – Quiet Technology – direct field sound masking system to maintain conversational privacy while reducing the annoyances of adjacent conversations. Combined with precise controls, the system surpasses common plenum-based alternatives by providing a uniform and pleasant blanket of sound coverage that offers the least expensive and least disruptive, installation in the industry.

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Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)

IT managers face a variety of daily challenges as they work to maintain the quality of the installed network cabling such as managing moves/adds/changes, securing valuable assets, detecting rogue devices or troubleshooting remote problems.

An AIM solution such as our own MIIM system can secure your infrastructure and protect your investment by enabling more effective and timely infrastructure management. Becoming an integral part of your IT infrastructure and now available directly, it can combine, record and provide visibility of local or remote connect and disconnect events, deliver savings through faster moves/adds/changes, minimize downtimes and dramatically reduce connectivity maintenance costs.

We have extensive experience supporting enterprise-wide deployments of AIM systems and can support your organization at every step, from planning to delivery.

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Total Control

Recognizing the ‘time drain’ on Project Owners caused by having to deal with multiple vendors and contractors during remote IT infrastructure deployments, we provide a single point of contact who is accountable for all aspects of vendor relations and logistics, covering all sites, no matter the location. As the key stakeholder, the Project Owner retains ultimate control of the overall project at all times.


Project Visibility

We address the specific needs of complex, remote, multi-site IT infrastructure builds and our unique methodology enables us to understand and manage every aspect of a project’s physical layer and the connected devices. It ensures 24-7 live project status updates for each deployment, meaning key stakeholders always have immediate access to decision-critical information, whenever they need it, wherever they are.


Resource Utilization

Project Control removes the burden on your IT and Facilities resources that would previously have been required to execute this type of highly-specialised project, leaving them free to focus on their core roles.


Total Accountability

We’re totally accountable, for each site we’re asked to deliver, from planning through handover.

Vendor Neutrality

From computer LAN, CCTV, access control, Wireless Access Points and asset tracking through to connected LED lighting solutions, building management systems and fire detection, ‘Everything Over IP’ has rapidly become the standard for both new build and retrofit projects.

You’d be forgiven for thinking we might insist on using our own products; however, our service is deliberately vendor-neutral, which means you’ll always get the best of breed from a range of solutions, from the manufacturers you choose. If you prefer to use equipment from other manufacturers, that’s fine by us.


When we’re asked to manage IT infrastructure projects our approach is to take full responsibility, which means we start from the principle that we have to be fully-accountable to our customers, every step of the way. Legal and regulatory compliance is at the heart of Project Control and as a Koch Industries company, we believe there can be no shortcuts. We provide risk mitigation, cost control and compliance services globally that include:

  • Specification and design to / via architects and consultants
  • Product procurement
  • Management and logistics (any manufacturer – not just Molex brands)
  • Deployment / commissioning execution and management
  • Management of local legal and insurance requirements
  • Compliance to local regulations
  • Consolidated billing – single vendor
  • Real-time project status visibility and control for project stakeholders

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