Making Projects Easier

Project Control Methodology (PCM) is unlike any other project management methodology, having been developed specifically for one purpose – to manage the complexity out of IT infrastructure projects.

Project Owners no longer need to be in the office to know what’s going on

PCM addresses the specific needs of builds and rollouts where an instant and consistent overview of project status is a requirement for key stakeholders. It does this by leveraging evidence-based reporting, which provides key stakeholders with up-to-date visual and written evidence of progress in as much detail as is required.

PCM is a great solution to the issues facing owners of multi-site deployments because it enables every project to be managed in exactly the same way and makes each project predictable, thus reducing the risk of unwanted delays or cost overruns.

We deliver PCM via a cloud-based utility called Project Control System (PCS) that enables key stakeholders to enjoy a clear overview of project status 24-7 and it can be accessed globally, meaning project owners no longer need to be in the office to know what’s going on

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