White Papers

Construction Products Regulation

Combustible construction materials can cause untold amounts of damage, resulting in loss of life as well as assets and income. As a result, fire safety has been and continues to be a major objective when designing a building...

Deciphering Category Cabling Systems

Whether you are a consultant designing a new cabling infrastructure for a new costumer or an IT manager who is tasked with designing a new datacenter, choosing the best cabling system for a premise LAN or a datacenter can be a daunting task...

Fully Enabling Best-Practice Standards through Next Generation IIM

Business initiatives demand that IT look beyond supporting infrastructure, devices, and applications on the network to managing the services that are supported by these components. Additionally, this must be accomplished […]

Do Not Let Your Intelligent Infrastructure Become Your Weakest Link

Now is not the time to look for a new approach to passive Structured Cabling Systems and Intelligent Cabling Systems, but for a new approach to IIM systems. As far […]

High Speed Ethernet – The Need For Speed

Over the years structured cabling systems have evolved significantly. Recently, the never-ending need for fast data transmission and efficient network performance is only second to the demand for server virtualization, converged data centers, cloud […]

Standards Update – Next Generation Base-T

On July 16, 2012 the IEEE (Institute Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.3 approved the formation of a study group to develop objectives for the Next Generation Base-T (NGBase-T) application over […]

Choosing the Right Horizontal Cabling System for Healthcare Environments

Installation of a cabling system in healthcare facilities involves consideration of many factors. The healthcare field provides one of the most demanding environments for a structured cabling system. Facilities are […]

Physical Layer Management – Taking it to the next level

The Physical Layer, Layer 1 of the OSI model, is fundamental to the existence of any business yet ironically still often the most overlooked aspect when it comes to identifying […]

Aligning Best Practices and APLLM Principles for Efficient Data Centre Lifecycle Management

Every element of a Physical Layer One Network infrastructure goes through a lifecycle from planning, design, installation, maintenance and ultimately, retirement. The concept of ‘Lifecycle Management’ ‘ is not new […]

10GBASE-T Application: Shielded Systems vs. Unshielded Systems

Category 6A shielded systems are becoming the ideal choice for the transmission of 10GBASE-T over copper cabling. This article focuses on the well know advantages of shielded Category 6A cabling […]

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