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Across all office types, low partitions or partitionless open offices are popular but while they look great, these environments reduce employee speech privacy.

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Solving the Workplace Speech Privacy Crisis

The increasing cost of real estate has led organizations to seek more productive ways of utilizing existing office space, typically by figuring out ways to increase the number of employees in a given space. This is known as office densification and it’s become a popular option in a bid to support commercial growth, whilst managing costs. There is a clear trend towards communal tables instead of cubicles or individual offices and towards repurposing older warehouse-style buildings that are attractive and offer a lower cost than a purpose-made new build.

Across all office types, low partitions or partitionless open offices are popular but while they look great, these environments reduce employee speech privacy, meaning unintentional listeners are able to understand another person’s conversation. Low cubicle partitions are great for collaboration but they do nothing to block the sound of your neighbor talking loudly. Glass walls and hard ceilings make for a trendy, modern feel but conversations can literally ricochet off them for the entire office to hear.

Noise, but in particular, intelligible conversations, present a problem because they cause a distraction which has a negative impact on productivity – try having a telephone conversation when someone near you is having a separate conversation; the level of noise generally isn’t a problem but the fact you can understand what they are saying can be incredibly distracting. But don’t worry because there is an effective and efficient solution called sound masking that can solve any company’s conversational noise problem.

Partnering with leading sound masking solution manufacturer, Cambridge Sound Management, Molex provides a fully-installed sound masking platform that improves productivity, information security and employee wellbeing.

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions is the global leader in IP solutions and deployment services for corporate IT infrastructures, no matter their location. Our enterprise customers value the access we provide to innovative technology partners because it ensures they get the best of both worlds – cutting-edge solutions and consistent, end-to-end deployments, no matter the location.

...open offices are popular but while they look great, these environments reduce employee speech privacy...

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