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CoreSync Academy – Lighting

CoreSync is a complete smart building and intelligent lighting infrastructure. CoreSync is designed to be flexible, allowing customers to collect and integrate a variety of functions to improve facility management, save costs and improve end-user experience.

Developed by the leading technology providers in the CoreSync Alliance, a wide range of IoT end devices and BMS products are fully compatible with the CoreSync open system architecture, making it easy for end users to customize their designs.

CoreSync’s open system PoE architecture enables devices and sensors from multiple manufacturers to be integrated into an installation. In order to make the process seamless, Molex has created this training course for OEM lighting manufacturers.

From setting up a CoreSync lab environment to detailed process steps, this course will guide manufacturers through the process of integrating products into a CoreSync project environment. 

Covering subjects such as software integration, network configuration and a step-by-step guide to the phases of a CoreSync-ready fixture, the course will ensure your portfolio of PoE fixtures is ready to be specified in the next CoreSync project.

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Course details

  • Online learning – complete at your own pace
  • Training and additional technical documentation and support available through our Customer Support Portal
  • 7 modules, 6.5 hours in total

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