Adani Ports and SEZ, Gujarat-India

The Project
The site consists of 3 large complexes; Adani House, Adani Power and the APSEZ-Mundra. They are spread across a campus of approximately 38 sq miles and are linked with a Molex fiber backbone equating to almost 19 miles. Further, LAN cabling was required within the three complexes for the users, along with cabling for the Data Center within Adani House. To operate a Port on this scale meant that reliable connectivity was crucial to track and handle containers, with little or no downtime. As all the processes were online, the network upgrade had to be conducted without disrupting the existing operations.

The key factors considered by APSEZ-Mundra for the project were providing connectivity for the three complexes, perimeter monitoring (CCTV) and upgrading the Data Center which required state of the art high speed connectivity between the devices. Therefore a redundant and fail proof system had to be developed, and the cabling system had to be scalable to address future expansion plans.

Why Molex?
A Molex solution was chosen through a detailed technical qualification process and ability to execute such a large and complex project as per schedule. The solution deployed provided a resilient network supported by 10 GBPS fiber backbone, starting from the Data Center in the Adani House running through five separate major network distribution hubs in a full ring topology, spread across the three main complexes. Approximately 30 VLANs were employed to manage data, voice and video traffic effectively, with more than 62 miles of fiber cable running across the campus linking 25 locations to the Data Center. 


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