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Actionable, accurate, real-time information

The difference between a smart building and any other building is data. Close the gap between what you think is happening and what’s actually happening with actionable, accurate, real-time information. Analyze the trends to understand how assets are used to eliminate inefficiencies, keep occupants safe and make the most of spaces and equipment.


Asset and Space Utilization

Are rooms adequately sized for the number of users? Do you have too many of one type of equipment, or not enough of another? Are bottlenecks in meeting rooms, canteens, desk spaces, corridors or parking lots causing disruption?

By analyzing data you can understand where changes in schedule, layout or resource can help boost productivity.

Energy Management

De-siloize data on energy use to gain a true perspective on the energy use of a building or campus. Find out what’s actually drawing the most power, and where energy is being wasted. Measure the results of efficiency drives with clear real-time data.

Get Data in Real Time

Some situations need instant decisions, and data that’s even just a few hours old may not be useful. Use sensor data to automatically regulate systems like HVAC, lighting, sanitization and air filtering based on occupancy or ambient conditions. Access real-time information to inform time-critical decisions, such as in the event of an incident or emergency.

Trends and Patterns

Identifying trends is the first step toward improving efficiency. By understanding how and where bottlenecks form and why resources are under- or -overutilized, targeted strategies can be designed. When data indicates conditions outside the predicted norm, proactive investigation and maintenance can prevent more critical failures of equipment or systems.  



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