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Molex Releases new DataGate™ 4 Pair Termination Tool

Molex Premise Networks announces the release of the new DataGate ™ 4 Pair Termination Tool.  A robust, efficient tool which terminates all 8 wires simultaneously and accurately, reducing user-fatigue and speeding up the DataGate™ Jack termination, time after time.

Designed specifically for use with Molex DataGate, Keystone, and C6A shielded Jacks, the 4 Pair Termination Tool Frame accepts either the UTP Termination Head (for termination of the UTP DataGate, and Molex Keystone Jacks) or the C6A Termination Head (for termination of the Molex C6A shielded DataGate Jacks).

Uncomplicated and easy to operate, the tool enables fool proof placement of the DataGate Jack, and produces accurately seated and neatly trimmed wires in one simple operation, to give a more consistent punchdown ensuring more consistent performance.  

With ergonomically designed handles for comfortable repeat operation, the new DataGate™ 4-Pair Termination Tool helps installers get the job done quicker and easier than ever before.

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