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New logos for CSP Business Associates: Installers, Consultants and System Integrators

There are three new and updated logos for CSP Business Associates, one for each of the following: Certified Installer, Certified Consultant and System Integrator. 

Currently the new logos are available by contacting the CSP team. In the future, we will make them readily available through our CSP in the same way in which the company certificates are currently downloaded.

New logos replace the old logos with MPN branding and styling and should no longer be used once you have received the new logo. Logos will be available to users who have completed any of the following training courses: Certified Installer – BP040 + BP090, BP095, BP120 or BP130, Certified Consultant – BP140, System Integrator – BP310.

Your new accreditation logo can be displayed in various places such as in your email signature, on your company website, for other areas such as your company vehicle or uniform, please contact the CSP team to obtain a high-resolution version.

For more information, please contact the CSP team

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