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New Molex CES PoE calculator is the first to provide guidance on safety and compliance

Power button with electricity

A new PoE calculator tool by Molex is now available for installers and designers through the Customer Support Portal (CSP). We believe it is the first of its kind to show users how to be compliant with both PoE and traditional structured cabling standards, in addition to informing users of safety and any issues within the installation and how to correct these.

The tool works by taking information about the environment, heat rise, power loss, dissipation, and other information relevant to a PoE installation, and applies them to the guidelines and limitations of the structured cabling standards. The information presented to the user details how the design will impact the installation regarding PoE, and whether it will safely support the application they need. For designs that are deemed unsafe, the tool will suggest to the user how to fix the issue which could be different cable options or smaller cable bundles etc.

To download the PoE calculator tool – visit CSP

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