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NextSense and Molex are collaborating to develop Microbial Sanitizing Lighting Solutions for smart building ecosystems

Translational research company NextSense and Molex are collaborating to develop microbial sanitizing lighting solutions for smart building ecosystems. The NextSense Biovitae® patented LED lighting technology sanitizes surfaces and the environment to eliminate existing bacteria and viruses, whilst the Molex CoreSync PoE network of solutions enable smart building integration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of cleanliness in the workplace. An increasingly vital consideration for many applications, Biovitae technology could be the solution for many types of company. The Biovitae and CoreSync integration represents an asset for facilities and building management systems including passive and adaptive sanitization, energy savings, facility management, building utilization, occupant comfort, productivity and safety, and security lighting features. 

The collaboration will see the Biovitae microbial LED lighting systems integrated into the CoreSync smart building PoE network, to both power and control LED light fixtures including other network devices and sensors.

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