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Product News – New locking patch cords

Locking patch cords are ideal for environments where there are highly sensitive applications such as data centers and secure IT networks where multiple physical layer classifications may exist. The new locking patch cords are designed to give your network extra security and protection by preventing unauthorized changes thereby giving your organization that added peace of mind.  

Category 6 Locking Patch Cords (Not available in USA, UK and Taiwan)
The new category 6 locking patch cords support high-speed networks including 10GBASE-T and 1000BASE-T. The patch cables are equipped with RJ45 connectors protected by a locking mechanism. Once the patch cord is connected, it cannot be removed without the use of the specially designed key. This solution prevents unauthorized changes in patch cable connections within the telecommunication outlet zone or patching zone. It also allows for the protection of strategic connections within the system.
The patch cable is made from high quality four pair U/UTP 24 AWG stranded copper wire available in white, black, blue, gray, green, yellow, orange, purple, red and pink. Varying lengths are available from 1m to 20m.

Optical Fiber Locking Patch Cords
The optical fiber locking patch cords feature a specially designed SC and compact Uni-Body LC which plug into any industry compliant SC or LC adapter or active device port but cannot be disconnected without the use of a special extraction tool.
The efficient design accommodates high density patching applications and is ideal to secure physical layer control in military and federal networking, video broadcast and highly sensitive data center markets. The extraction tools allow for easy manual connector removal even from high density patch panels and are color coded to match the connector key type. The connectors plug into both duplex and quad adapters.

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