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Fluke DTX-1200/DTX-1800 testers calibrated after 30th June 2018 – No longer accepted for warranty requests

As the industry is aware, Fluke Networks have ceased their support of the DTX-1200/DTX-1800 range of cable testers with the last calibrations being completed as of 30th June 2018. Thereafter, all calibration cells for this range of tester were dismantled and returned to Fluke Service Headquarters in July 2018.

Any companies now offering or performing calibration of the DTX-1200 or DTX-1800 series of testers are doing so without any official support from Fluke Networks.

As trusted advisors to all of our customers, it is our responsibility to act with integrity and honesty, and inform you what type of test reports and devices we can accept for warranty purposes. Accepting calibrated testers without the support of their respective vendors does not send the right message about the high standards we set for ourselves.

Therefore, it is important to remind you that we will no longer be accepting any test results for warranty from a DTX-1200/DTX-1800 series tester with a calibration date after 30th June 2018, unless advised by Fluke Networks that they have recommenced their support of the testers.

For any queries, please contact the CSP team here

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