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Xpress Termination ST Kit, Multimode with 900μm and 3mm boots (25 per pack) – Metal


Part No: 106019-1010

Region: usa

Xpress Termination Connectors provide quick, low cost and reliable terminations for fiber optic LANs, data  networks and fiber restoration. The connectors combine the telecommunications industry proven zirconia ceramic ferrule and connector technologies with a two-part cold cure adhesive.

Requiring no measuring, mixing, applicator, or heat curing, the adhesive is applied directly to the fiber. A drop of accelerant provides an almost instantaneous bond between the fiber and ceramic ferrule when contact is made with the accelerant in the ferrule. The termination process is easily completed with industry standard crimp and polishing tools.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Industry standard connectorsZirconia ferrule
  • No electrical power required for termination
  • Terminated with industry standard termination tools
  • Connectors are terminated with off-the-shelf anaerobic epoxy such as LOCTITE 380
  • Installs in about three minutes - no curing oven needed
  • Consistent results with minimal training
  • Operational Temperature -10°C to +60°C
  • Typical insertion loss 0.3dB
  • RoHS compliant

Mechanical Characteristics
ST Connector:
Housing: zinc alloy nickel plate
Ferrule: zirconia ceramic
Ø9.5mm x 45.5 (3mm boot)
Ø9.5mm x 40.0 (900μm boot)

SC Connector:
Housing: polybutylene terepthalate (PBT)
Ferrule: zirconia ceramic
7.4mm x 9.0mm x 53.3mm (3mm boot)
7.4mm x 9.0mm x 46.7mm (900μm boot)

LC Connector:
Housing: polybutylene terepthalate (PBT)
Ferrule: zirconia ceramic
4.3mm x 9.3mm x 31.6mm (900μm boot)

Reference Information
Xpress Termination Connector Kit Parts List: Each kit includes: 25 connectors with boots

Commerical Standards
ISO/IEC 11801, TIA-568-C-3, TIA/EIA 492, Telecordia GR409, ICEA-596, IEEE 802.3

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