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20 Pair KATT Connector Kit (For Use with 601 Box)


Part No: 14-0002-001

Region: global

The KATT 20 Pair Connection kit is designed for use with Molex’s 601 UTP enclosure. It provides up to 20 pairs and is ideal for Category 5e voice and data applications.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • KATT Contact - IDC Termination
  • Re-terminations - 200 minimum
  • Accepts 0.4mm to 0.63mm (22-26 AWG) solid or stranded wires

Mechanical Characteristics

Operating Life: Minimum 200 Retermination
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: Sn/Pb over Ni
Wire Size: 2 x 22-26 AWG
Housing Material: ULVO Rated Thermoplastic

Optical/Electrical Characteristics

DC Resistance: <21mOhm

DC Resistance Imbalance: <2.0m

Ohm Insulation Resistance: >100mOhm
@ 1MHz 0.0021
@ 16MHz 0.0088
@ 100MHz 0.014

Crosstalk (dB):
@ 1MHz -82.67
@ 16MHz -60.78
@ 100MHz -47.00

Crosstalk PowerSum (dB):
 @ 100MHz: -45.00

Return Loss:
@ 1MHz -39.64
@ 16MHz -34.07
@ 100MHz -18.87

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