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PowerCat Euromod RJLP Module, 568B – White


Part No: 17.1B.011.A0042

Region: emea

The Euromod modular system provides a flexible and versatile method of installation. This modular system offers a wide range of wallplates and modules that allow the user to install as many data outlets as required. The modules are fully assembled units featuring the Molex Premise Networks low profile Cat 5E RJLP connector and a 25 x 50mm fascia, shutter and spring assembly.

Molex Premise Networks unique patented RJLP RJ45 connector is engineered to meet the highest performance standards in the industry and offers a low profile, space saving design that enables installation in shallow backboxes and trunking. Suitable for high speed data transmission the PowerCat RJLP RJ45 connector was designed to meet the requirements of the Cat 5E standard which demands compliance with the PowerSum principle of measurement and test.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Cat 5e performance RJ45 RJLP connector
  • EIA 568B wired
  • Space saving low profile module

IDC Terminations
Suitable for 0.4mm - 0.6mm solid or stranded cable, maximum o.d 1.5mm.
Two wires may be terminated for daisy-chain applications.
Patents pending on connector and module designs.

Mechanical Jack Connector
Operating Life:  Minimum 500 insertion cycles
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: 1.25 micrometers Au/Ni
Material: UL 94VO Thermoplastic

IDC Connector
Operating Life: Minimum 100 Reterminations
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: Sn/Pb over Ni
Wire Accommodation: 2 x 22-26 AWG solid or stranded

D.C. Resistance : <20mΩ
D.C. Resistance Imbalance : <2.0mΩ
Insulation Resistance : >100MΩ

Attenuation (dB)               
@ 1MHz  0.0121    
@ 16MHz 0.0193 
@ 100MHz  0.1052

Crosstalk (dB)                  
@ 1MHz  -84.26 
@ 16MHz  -60.03 
@ 100MHz  -45.70

PowerSum Worst Pair   
@ 100MHz -41.83

Return Loss (dB)             
@ 1MHz  -65
@ 16MHz  -48
@ 100MHz  -30

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