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200 Pair 3U PDS Panel (no connectors)


Part No: 36.B040G

Region: global

The Molex Rack Mount Premise Distribution System is a cross connect system combining the advantages of a block-based system with frame mounted active equipment. Designed to utilize Molex’s 110 and KATT PDS connector, the panel is comprised of two 100 pair blocks mounted to a 19″ panel with integral cable management rings and affords individual cable pair management – not possible with an RJ patching field.
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  • 3U standard 19" rack mount
  • Designed to accommodate 110 and KATT PDS connectors
  • Supplied with label cards and holders
  • Incorporates small cable management rings for low density applications

Material: 0.5mm Thick CRS with overall epoxy powdercoat
Ring Material: UL94V-0 rated ABS
color: Textured graphite grey
Dimensions: 129mm x 466mm x 62mm


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