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PowerCat 5E FTP 4 Pair PVC Cable, yellow, 305m Box


Part No: 39A-504-FT

Region: emea

Molex Premise Networks PowerCat 5e 4 Pair F/UTP cable has been designed to support high speed data
transmission systems. This cable is part of the PowerCat System range of products that have been designed based on the PowerSum principle of crosstalk, measurement and test.

The cable is constructed of 4 pairs enclosed in laminated aluminium foil with a tin drain wire, encased in a PVC sheath.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Enhanced performance 4 pair FTP PVC Cable
  • Category 5E Compliant
  • color coded pairs for ease of termination
  • 305m easy spool box
  • Overall foil shield with drain wire

Mechanical Characteristics
Conductor size [mm]: 24 AWG (0.51mm)
Insulated conductor diameter [mm]: ≤ 1.0
Single pair shield: none
Pair number: 4
Cable shield: one-side laminated aluminium foil
Outside cable diameter [mm]: ≤ 6.20
Temperature range [°C]
during installation: 0° to +50 °C
during operation: -20° to +60 °C
Acceptable bend radius
during installation: 8 x cable size
during operation: 4 x cable size
Sheath: FR-PVC (IEC -332.1)
Sheath colour: yellow
Maximum Pulling force 100N
Shipping weight [kg]: 16.5

Colour coding
Pair 1: white-blue/blue
Pair 2: white-orange/orange
Pair 3: white-green/green
Pair 4: white-brown/brown

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