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4 Port MOD-SNAP Double Gang Wallplate – White


Part No: 42-314-02

Region: emea

The MOD-SNAP system of wallplates provides a flexible wall outlet solution allowing the fitment of as many 38.5mm x 22mm MOD-SNAP voice or data outlets as necessary. The MOD-SNAP single and double gang wallplate system is the basis for this modular range. It comprises of a single gang wallplate, available with one or two apertures and a double gang wallplate with four apertures. Any combination of voice or data modules can be fitted. In addition a blank module is available to fill in any apertures not currently required in the system. This facilitates simple and convenient future expansion. The polished face of these wallplates offers quality finish, ideal for office installations. The styling also compliments most UK style electrical power outlets.

Features & Benefits
  • Double gang, four outlets
  • Fixing screws provided
  • Quality polished finish
  • Accepted by all UK backboxes

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