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2 Core fiber Cable, OFNR Non-Plenum Rated, OS1


Part No: AFOCR002OS1

Region: usa

Molex advanced fiber optic cordage is ideal for data center and horizontal installations. The 900 micron buffered fibers are surrounded by aramid yarn strength members with a flame-retardant outer jacket.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • OS1 Singlemode performance
  • OFNR/FT4 sheath
  • Easy strip buffers enable fast, consistent stripping for termination
  • Flexible, small diameter cable with high tensile strength for cable routing and installation
  • No bonding required due to all-dielectric construction

Flame Rating: Non-Plenum UL OFNR/FT4

Jacket color: Yellow

Cable Weight: 12 lbs/kft / 18 kg/kft

Cable Diameter: 0.187" / 4.8mm

Minimum Bend Radius
Installation: 2.8" / 7.1cm
Long Term: 1.9" / 4.7cm

Maximum Loading Tension
Installation: 660N
Long Term: 198N

Max. Attenuation
At 850 nm: 1.0 dB/km
At1300 nm:1.0 dB/km 

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