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24 Fiber Universal Splice Tray with Fiber|Copper


Part No: AFR-00470

Region: global

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  • External fiber cable management allows for easy storage of excess fiber
  • Allows for multi-directional routing of entry and exit fibers, allowing the tray to be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Maintains 30mm bend radius, ideal for 250µm or 900µm fiber
  • Internal cable management allows for multiple fiber routing options including cross over
  • Pivoting splice holders allow uninterrupted control of fiber during splicing
  • Built-in fiber pick can be used to withdraw individual fibers
  • Will hold up to 24 heat shrink style splice protectors
  • Tray is stackable with supplied tray hinge, which also allows for easy access
  • Tray comes with a clip in transparent lid cable ties point to secure fiber on entry and exit
  • Mountable via center hole, DIN style
  • 2 x 12 fiber splice tray per pack

Material: ABS polymer
Fiber Termination Options: Direct, Fusion Splice, Mechanical Splice, Pre-Terminated MTP
168mm W x 124mm D x 13mm H
Shipping Weight: 81g

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