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4 Core Fibre Cable – Internal/External TightBuffered OM3 50/125µm


Part No: CFR-00380

Region: emea sub-saharan-africa

MPN 850 nm Laser-Optimised 50 μm Multimode Fibre is designed for 10 Gb/s Application over 300m, type 47680 and is constructed to comply with the OM3 fibre optic cabling standard.

Our standard Low Smoke Zero Halogen material is produced from polyolefin’s and is filled with flame retardants in the form of aluminium or magnesium hydroxide. This sheathing compound is used for indoor as well as multipurpose cables. Standard sheath colour is green and nominal thickness is 1.1 mm.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • OM3 Standard
  • Secondary Coated Fibres - Tight Buffered
  • Internal or dry/free draining duct installation
  • E-Glass Yarn Strength Member

Geometrical properties
Core Diameter 50 μm ± 2.5 μm
Cladding diameter: 125 μm ± 1 μm
Core non-circularity: <5%
Cladding non-circularity: <=1%
Coating diameter (coloured) 250 μm ± 15 μm

Optical properties
Attenuation (of cable with fibres):
At 850 nm: <= 3.0 dB/km
At 1300 nm: <= 1.0 dB/km

Minimum bandwidth
At 850 nm: 1500MHz · km
At 1300 nm: 500MHz · km 

Numerical aperture: 0.200 ± 0.015
Inhomogenity of OTDR trace for any two 1000m lengths: Max 0.1 dB/km
Group index of refraction:
At 850 nm: 1.482
At 1300 nm: 1.477
Proof test level 1% (0.7 GPa)

Minimum bandwidth
At 850 nm: 600MHz · km
At 1300 nm: 1200MHz · km

Fire rating
IEC 60332-1-2
IEC 60754-1
IEC 60754-2
IEC 61034-2



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