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CoreSync Manager


Part No: 180987-0001, 180987-0050, 180987-1001

Region: americas northern-europe

CoreSync Manager is an IP-based smart building lighting controller designed to connect and control thousands of lighting luminaries, shades, and sensor devices in a smart building. CoreSync manager provides a unique real-time human-centric, bio-adaptive and immersive lighting experience.

CoreSync manager includes:

  • Fully featured Design Tool which is used for designing the lighting experience
  • A real-time Facility Manager to provide a live of all zones and devices in the system
  • A commissioning and diagnostics tool used to discover and configure devices in the network as well as perform over the network firmware upgrades


180987-0001 CoreSync Manager Software (SC, DT, FM, MoDiag), Hardware + 50 licenses
180987-0050 CoreSync Manager Software (SC, DT, FM, MoDiag), 50 licenses
180987-1001  CoreSync Manger individual license
Features & Benefits Related Products
  • People and space-centric approach to lighting
  • Flexible digital programming and individually addressable devices
  • 250 lighting zones
  • 100 shading zones
  • 100 information zone
  • Up to 2500 individually addressable lighting fixtures and motorized shades
  • Up to 12500 individually addressable sensors
  • Deploys using virtualized environment within IT infrastructure or using enterprise-class hardware deployment
  • DLC certified for Network Lighting Control

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