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Gas Arrestor Magazine – Unloaded


Part No: DCN-00007

Region: emea apac

Gas Arrestor magazines are expressly designed for voice circuits, such as block cabling and PBX inter connections. Gas Arrestor magazines provide an overvoltage system to protect circuits from voltage surges from lightning strikes or similar events. These modules are industry compliant and compatible with other voice cabling systems.
Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Made from fiber reinforced polycarbonate
  • Siemens tripolar gas arrestor tube 230V
  • Arrestor Magazine supplied with transparent cover to prevent accidental contact
  • ”Telecommunications Network Voltages” sign supplied

Mechanical Characteristics
Housing: PBT Self extinguishing VO grade
Contacts: Phosphor Bronze, Silver plated
GAT Type: 3 pole with pins
Dimensions: 23mm x 50mm x 112mm
Operation Temperature: -40°C to +100°C

Electrical/optical Characteristics

DC Spark-over Voltage: 190-300V
Impulse Spark-over Voltage: <500V
Nominal Impulse Discharge Current: 10kA (wave 8/20µs)
Transverse Delay Time: <0.2µs
Nom. Alternating Discharge Current: 10A (50Hz, 1s)
Insulation Resistance @ 100V: >109megaohms
Capacitance @ 1MHz: >1pF
Arc Voltage @ 1A: <35V
Glow To Arc Transition Current: <1A
Glow Voltage: <200V

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