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Category 6, 96 Pair Base, Without Legs (No Connectors)


Part No: KPD-00089

Region: emea

The 96 Pair Block is a key component in Molex’s Category 6 wall mount Premise Distribution System (PDS). Designed to accommodate Molex’s Category 6 110 style connector, Category 6 performance is guaranteed by the unique pair separation within the connector. Solidly constructed the base features cut-outs for easier installation and cable routing, whilst enabling cable sheathing to be maintained down to 25mm from the IDC.

Available only in Sub-Saharan Africa for a limited.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Industry standard wall mount format
  • Designed to accommodate Category 6 110 connectors
  • Features cut-outs for cable routing and easier installation

Material: Flame Retardant Thermoplastic

color: Black

Dimensions: 89mm x 273mm x 89mm

Shipping Weight: 330g

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