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8 Port ST 601 Enclosure, SM


Part No: WFR-00026-02

Region: emea south-africa apac

The MPN 601 Fibre series wall mount system interface products are compact units for optical fiber. The product has the capacity to accommodate 6, 8 12 or 24 ports depending on the adapter type.

The 601 fiber interface units are made of white rugged plastic and have a low profile, yet provide the proper internal fibre management to ensure the integrity of the optical network. Sufficient storage room for the fiber service loop makes installation easy. There is also provision for a user supplied seal for added security.

The unit is compatible for splicing and direct terminations.

The identification card and label supplied in the accessory kit, enables the user to trace their fibre throughout the system.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Compact unit. 184 x 127 x 38mm
  • Up to 24 Ports
  • Accepts ST®, Duplex SC, MTP, OptoclipII & MTRJ
  • Multimode & Singlemode configuration
  • Accepts up to 8 fusion of mechanical splices
  • Label Holder
  • ID card
  • Cable tie feature
  • Top, bottom and rear access
  • Lockable
  • Rugged white plastic

Dimensions: 184 x 127 x 38mm

Shipping Weight: 320 g

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