MIIM™ Advanced Physical Layer Management

MIIM™ G3 Advanced Physical Layer Management enables your IT investment to improve business results through increased productivity, access to quality information and reduced down time creating a healthier organization.

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Take control of your most extensive IT asset- the physical layer infrastructure – you can know more about network status and connected devices, resolve issues quicker, and provide a more robust and secure network to your users and the business than ever before.

Why MIIM G3?

MIIM’s integrated approach revolutionizes infrastructure management. MIIM is designed to monitor the connection of physical layer. MIIM senses immediately when there’s a change across the connection and creates alerts associating the change to an exact mapped location in a building. With MIIM: accurate and current information is assured 24/7.

MIIM is unique. To show our investment and commitment, Molex CES works alongside exclusively trained Business Associates around the world to support our solution and the companies that invest in our products. We have a sophisticated and user-friendly Customer Support Portal (CSP), providing continuous updates, support and a community for MIIM users to share knowledge and challenges.


Using revolutionary technology, MIIM g3 advanced physical layer management delivers business improvements targeting:

– Accurate, automated asset auditing in real-time

– Improved management of people, connected devices and facilities

– Increased network security

– Cost, time and effort efficiencies through capacity evaluation and resource usage

– Disaster recovery (maps, rack elevations and reports for rebuild/connectivity identification)

– Seamless, multi-site network management

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MIIM G3 is a game-changing solution that allows you to
make the most of your network, your people and your budget.

Here you will find useful information about our solutions, including technical articles, case studies and product literature to help support your business or project requirements.


We deliver robust, high-quality, standards-based products designed to meet market requirements.

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