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More Ethernet on the Horizon – Who Needs 2.5G and 5G Ethernet?

Ethernet seems to be one of the fastest growing transmission protocols ever, on both medium types, fiber and copper. Over fiber it easily reaches 40G and 100G transmission speed but in the future it may achieve even 400G or tera-level speed. Over copper, of course, much lower speeds are achieved and 1G Ethernet has become the ubiquitous workhorse these days. 10G Ethernet is also well positioned in the market with a strong year-on-year adoption trend.

Shielded category 6A cabling has become the ‘go to’ solution for both installers and end-users and whilst it is a more expensive solution, it supports 10G up to 100m, as well as being fully compatible with PoE and PoE plus standards.

So it might be a surprise for some people to hear that the Ethernet Alliance is considering further development of Ethernet protocols dedicated purely for copper with speeds higher than 1G but lower than 10G. Is this true? Do we really need this? What applications is this suitable for?


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