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Monotube Outdoor Gel Filled All-Dielectric Optical Cable


Part No: AFOUH

Region: apac

The MonoTube All-Dielectric outdoor double jacket cable offers rugged durability and reliable mechanical performance across a broad range of temperatures.

The all-dielectric design enables savings on installation expense by avoiding the need for cable grounding. The cable contains up to 24 fibers in central loose tube with glass yarn around tube to provide reinforcement. Available in Polyamide inner sheath and nylon outer sheath.

Available in China and ANZ, for other markets please contact your local Molex representative. 

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • For outdoor duct and underground applications.
  • Resistance against insects and rodents.
  • Loose tube design provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications.
  • This lightweight cable offers durability and flexibility required for many outside plant uses.
  • Multi-mode 50μm, 62.25μm, single-mode also available.
  • Higher fiber counts available.
  • Double Jacket to provide rugged durability and reliable.

Commercial Standards
Telcordia GR-20-CORE
IEC 60793 / IEC 60794
ITU-T G652D (Single Mode)
AS/ACIF S008:2006
ISO/IEC 11801 OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4,OS1/2

Temperature range
Storage Temperature: -20°C - +70°C
Operating Temperature: -10°C - +60°C

Length: Standard reel length: 4200m

Mechanical characteristics
Color of cord jacket:
1: Blue
2: Orange
3: Green
4: Brown
5: Slate
6: White
7: Red
8: Black
9: Yellow
10: Violet
11: Pink
12: Aqua

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