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ImagePart #Description
AFR-00441 Adapter Plate 3 x PowerCat 6A DataGate (with grounding screws) unloaded
CAA-00449P, CAA-00450R PowerCat 6A UTP CMP/CMR Cable
PowerCat 6A F/UTP cable in plenum and non plenum CAA-0320P-XX , CAA-0320R-XX PowerCat 6A F/UTP Cable Plenum/Non Plenum
C6A tool less keystone jack KSJ-00079 PowerCat 6A Tool-less shielded Keystone Jack, RJ45, 360°, 568A/B
KSJ-00092 Category 6A Shielded Jack IP67 568A/B
KSJ-00093 PowerCat 6A 10G Shielded Side Entry Keystone Jack
KSJ-00096-XX PowerCat 6A DataGate Shielded Straight and Side Entry Jack
KSJ-00099 PowerCat 6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II
KSP-00002 c6a termination field plug right angled KSP-00001 , KSP-00002 Category 6A Field Termination Plug
PCD-03SFAABB-CC, PCD-03SFAABB-CC-I* M12 SF/UTP D Code Category 5e Assembly
PCD-07020, PCD-07021, PCD-07022, PCD-07024, PCD-07026, PCD-07029 PowerCat 6A Shielded Patch Cord PVC
PCD-07121-BK, PCD-07129-BK, PCD-07122-BK, PCD-07123-BK, PCD-07124-BK Category 6A Shielded Patch Cord IP67-RJ45 1-5M – Black
PCD-07125-BK , PCD-07130-BK , PCD-07126-BK , PCD-07127-BK , PCD-07128-BK Category 6A Shielded Patch Cord IP67-IP67 1-5M – Black
PCD-09003, PCD-09005, PCD-09007, PCD-09010, PCD-09015, PCD-09025 PowerCat 6A UTP Patch Cord PVC
PCD-70202, PCD-70203, PCD-70205, PCD-70210, PCD-70215, PCD-70220 PowerCat 6A Shielded Patch Cord PVC
PCD-70503, PCD-70505, PCD-70507, PCD-70510, PCD-70515, PCD-70520 PowerCat 6A Slim 28 AWG Shielded Patch Cord PVC
PID-00217 24 Port PowerCat 6A Shielded Patch Panel, 568A/B, 1U
PowerCatâ„¢ 6A Shielded Patch Panel PID-00218 , PID-00220 PowerCat 6A Shielded Angled Patch Panel
PID-00219 48 Port PowerCat 6A Shielded Patch Panel, 568A/B, 2U
PID-00257, PID-00289 24 1U and 48 Port 2U Keystone Jack Patch Panels Unloaded