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Adapter Plate 3 x PowerCat 6A DataGate (with grounding screws) unloaded


Part No: AFR-00441

Region: global

The Unloaded Adapter Plate 3 x C6A DataGate Jacks is designed for applications where fiber and copper are required in a single panel. The Adapter Plate is designed to accept the PowerCat 6A DataGate Shielded Straight and Side Entry Jack (part number KSJ-00096-0*) and snap fits into the Multi-Functional or Specification Grade Fiber Optic Panels. The Adapter Plate can also be combined with Fiber Optic 6 Fiber Adapter Plates for multi-media applications. 

Features & Benefits Related Products
  • Accommodates 3 x PowerCat 6A DataGate Jacks
  • For use within Molex Multi-Functional or Specification Grade Fiber Panels
  • Allows multi-media flexibility within a single enclosure/panel

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