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Molex CoreSync incorporates a wide range of devices and sensors to allow this versatile smart building solution to be adapted for a variety of applications and industries. Control lighting, AV, HVAC, plug loads and more from one central place.

CoreSync is built on flexible PoE connectivity, but where wired connection is not necessary we offer wireless devices powered by EnOcean energy harvesting technology.

Connected Devices

Our range of devices includes power delivery devices, actuators, sensors, local control and interfaces.

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Harnesses connect a PoE Gateway to a driver, providing low voltage power distribution and data communication necessary to control LED fixtures, sensors, and actuators. The Harness system also helps minimize the number of PoE ports by “daisychaining” from fixture to fixture.

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CoreSync Software

CoreSync’s software options help you collate and interrogate data from a myriad range of sources to drive evidence-based decisions and automation.

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Tools and Kits

Tools to help you install, test and commission CoreSync implementations.

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