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Reliable Connectivity Across Your Campus

As your campus’s points of connection grow, you need to meet the demand for unwavering connectivity. Molex CES solutions can help you keep your entire campus online while reliably supporting the needs of your high-bandwidth network. From enabling campus-wide Wi-Fi and innovative security systems to securing valuable research data, you can find structured cabling solutions that meet your educational needs.

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Campus Connectivity Solutions

At Molex, we believe networks must provide the performance and resilience needed today, without locking you into an architecture that cannot adapt. Our portfolio is designed to create layered installations that maximize utilization of existing equipment and streamline future upgrades, using modularity and scalability to reduce expenditure on hardware upgrades.

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Curtin University - WA, Australia

Curtin University enjoy a consistently high-performing network infrastructure capable of delivering a fast and efficient service to its staff and students.

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Education Cabling Products and Solutions

Our connectivity solutions deliver long-lasting, reliable performance. Work with us to keep your students and faculty connected across the campus and beyond.

Zone Cabling

The ability to rapidly reorganize workspaces starts with a dynamic network architecture. Zone cabling introduces a new dimension of flexibility...

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PowerCat 6A Shielded Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

Molex PowerCat 6A Shielded Pre-Term cable assemblies are ideal for use in data centers and high speed network environments. They...

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