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Solution Highlights

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Cost savings

Category cabling is more cost effective over longer distances than heavy-gauge, dedicated AV cables.

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Easier to work with

Category cabling is lighter in weight, easier to pull through conduits and supports 4K UHD over much longer distances than HDMI or DisplayPort cables. It’s an easy-to-use technology familiar to most facilities and IT personnel.

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IP convergence

Connecting your AV infrastructure via Ethernet makes it easy to converge with other IP-based systems, such as smart building solutions, for centralized control and energy management.

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Future ready

A well-planned structured cabling system will easily accommodate new hardware. The backward compatibility of Category cabling means a Cat6A cable originally installed to support a gigabit network will also support 10Gbt/s systems without any need to re-cable.

Product Highlights

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions structured cabling solutions have gained a reputation for high performance, durability and innovation. Our PowerCat copper solutions are designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBase-T) and are fully ready for the next generation of high-power PoE.

C6A Shielded Patch Cords

Designed to support high speed 10GBASE-T networks and are backward compatible with 10/100/1000BASE-T networks. They are pre-terminated with RJ45 plugs and feature anti-snag slim strain relief on boots. Available in PVC and LS0H.

Zone Enclosures

The simple and flexible approach of zone cabling provides many benefits. These robust, versatile zone enclosures are designed to house passive and/or active equipment. In-ceiling and under-floor versions are available.

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Unloaded DataGate Patch Panels

A robust and flexible product, the unloaded DataGate patch panel can be configured to provide the exact number of modular ports required.

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Field terminable C6A plug

Designed to support 10Gb networks and ideal for high-bandwidth applications. This field modular plug is simple to terminate and is available in straight or right angled configurations.

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There are significant benefits to building AV systems into a new or existing Ethernet network. Whether your system is running on HDBase-T or SDVoE standards, Molex’s high-quality C6A cabling solution delivers high-quality sound and visuals.

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