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Meet Critical Healthcare Connectivity Demands

Providing effective services on a decreasing budget is the challenge facing today’s healthcare providers. Healthcare infrastructure must provide the reliable, cost-effective performance needed today, but without restricting what can be achieved tomorrow. Modularity, scalability and emerging performance capability are the key to achieving ever more with less.

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Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions Healthcare Capabilities

Molex Connectivity Solutions for Healthcare & Medical

We take a multidimensional, consultative approach to help you plan your healthcare infrastructure and prepare for next-generation demands. With a broad portfolio of products and solutions designed to offer high performance and comply with industry standards, our global team of experts will work with you at every step.

Kingsway Hospitals - India

Find out which Molex solutions were used in the Kingsway Hospitals new build project to resolve the challenges associated with connectivity and communication.

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Leading Healthcare Cabling Products and Solutions

Our healthcare cabling solutions and products deliver long-lasting performance in demanding, high-density environments.


Molex Medical Grade Antimicrobial products have been created by incorporating an antibacterial agent.

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Category 6A Shielded Field Termination Plug

The Molex Category 6A shielded field termination plug is designed to support 10gb networks and can be easily terminated using...

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Zone Cabling

The ability to rapidly reorganize workspaces starts with a dynamic network architecture. Zone cabling introduces a new dimension of flexibility...

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Data Center

Data center strategy is at the heart of any IT system. With increasing demands on our networks and rapidly advancing...

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Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

We work with hand-picked network installers around the world to ensure you receive quality from end to end. We offer a comprehensive 25-year System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty on qualifying Molex solutions that have been installed by our Certified Installers.

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