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Connectivity Solutions You Can Rely On

With over 50 years experience in commercial connectivity, our products are ideal for a wide range of applications in commercial facilities. Designed for high performance and manufactured to the highest standards, our solutions deliver long-lasting peace of mind.

Optical Fiber

From cross-campus backbone cabling to high density data center solutions to superfast fiber-to-the-desk, our optical fiber products deliver superior security and future-ready bandwidth.

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Our range of UTP, STP and FTP Category cabling products delivers reliable, cost effective performance for a wide range of applications, including Power over Ethernet.

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CoreSync Smart Building Solution

Make data-driven real-time decisions about your facility to improve occupant experience, streamline facilities management and deliver exceptional efficiency.

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Cable Management

Our range of cable management products helps ensure long-term manageability of your wiring closet, telecoms room or data center.

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CIIM Cabinet Monitoring System

CIIM is a smart monitoring system for network cabinets. Using a range of sensors, environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and smoke can be identified and monitored. Errors and potential issues can be detected and flagged early to prevent system breakdowns.

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