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ImagePart #Description
AFOAH cable AFOAH Outdoor Loose Tube Armored 50/125?m Optical Cable
AFOAJ , AFOAZ Outdoor Loose Tube Armored Optical Cable
AFOAJXXXOS2-HD Outdoor Loose Tube Armored 9/125?m OS2 Type Optical Cable
AFOAJXXXOS2-RP Outdoor Loose Tube Armored 9/125?m OS2 Type Optical Cable
AFOAN Fiber Optic – Outside Cabling Solution
AFOAZ Loose Tube Double Jacket Single Armor Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable
AFOBR-P, AFOBR, AFOBP Advanced Fiber Optic Building Distribution Cable
AFOCR002OS1 2 Core Fiber Cable, OFNR Non-Plenum Rated, OS1
AFODOXXXXXXXX-X , AFODOXXXXXXXX Indoor/Outdoor Spiral steel tube LS0H Fiber cable
AFOEH012OS1 Hybrid cable
AFOIR_P Advanced Fiber Optic Indoor/ Outdoor Loose Tube Cable AFOIP, AFOIR Advanced Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Cable
AFOIR Indoor/Outdoor Semi Tight Buffered Riser Fiber Cable – Australia
AFOIZ Fiber Optic Cable Indoor/ Outdoor, LS0H, Light Duty
AFOLH Outdoor Loose Tube 50/125?m Optical Cable
AFOLJ Outdoor Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable
External mini loose tube AFOMS External Mini Loose Tube, Optical Fiber Cable
AFOUH AFOUH Monotube Outdoor Gel Filled All-Dielectric Optical Cable
Outdoor Unitube Single Sheathed Armored Type Fiber Cable AFOUN Outdoor Unitube Single Sheathed Armored Type Fiber Cable
AFOUT004OS2-RG, AFOUT006OS2-RG, AFOUT008OS2-RG, AFOUT012OS2-RG 4 – 12 Core Outdoor Loose Tube Steel Wire Armored 9/125?m OS2 Type Optical Cable
AFOUY006OS2, AFOUY012OS2, AFOUY024OS2 External Underground Single Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable
Diagram of Fiber Optic Cable ref AFOUZ AFOUZ Indoor/outdoor Uni-tube LSZH Fiber Cable
AFOXP, AFOXR Fiber Optic Cable, Armor Building Indoor
AFXLTP, AFXLTR Armor Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable
CFR-00373, CFR-00374, CFR-00375, CFR-00376, CFR-00377, CFR-00378 Fiber Optic Distribution Cable MM, OM2, Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered, LS0H, Eca
CFR-00380 4 Core Fibre Cable – Internal/External TightBuffered OM3 50/125┬Ám

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