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Hybrid cable


Part No: AFOEH012OS1

Region: global

Rugged easy to use hybrid cable consisting of flexible stranded Copper conductors and integrating communications links utilizing fiber optic technologies.

A “dry” water blocked cable, with a single nylon jacket to provide a tough, low coefficient of friction and termite resistant barrier, and with a tough outer PE sheath for additional robustness and UV resistance. It is suitable for direct burial or duct installation including direct plough or blow-in techniques, and external exposed applications.

For applications requiring remote low-voltage power and high-speed communications, these designs provide an efficient single-installation option where space is of a premium and devices are not easily accessed. Designed for visual monitoring systems using the optical fiber for video transmission, with the camera power supplied via the PVC insulated conductors. These applications include security networks, IP enabled appliances and wireless access points.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Water-blocked
  • Flexible stranded Copper (36/0.32 Cu/PVC)
  • High-speed fiber optics

Tube Diameter: 2.0 mm
Insulated Conductors: 3mm dia. 36/0.32 PCW V90 pvc. 60V dc (24V ac)
Resistance: 6.4/km
Nominal cable Diameter: 9 mm
Nominal weight/1000 m: 110 kg
Temperature Range: -20 to 70 °C
Max Tensile strength: 1 kN (install)
Max Crush Resistance 2 kN/100 mm
Min bending radius:
Under load 180 mm
No load 90 mm
Impact: 1 kg/1.0 metre
Color sequence for fibers: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Aqua

AS/CA S-008, AS 1049, AS3080,
IEC 60793 and IEC 60794,
AS/NZS 1125 AS/NZS 3808

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