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Fiber Optic – Outside Cabling Solution


Part No: AFOAN

Region: usa

The Molex single jacket fiber optic with armor cable, combines both durability and ease of handling. Creating a rugged and easy-to-install outside plant cabling solution.

Available only in the USA.

Features & Benefits Technical Info

• Dry water-blocking technology for a more craft-friendly, jelly-free cable core
• Variety of fiber types available from 4 to 144, OM1, OM2, OM3 OM4 and OS2
• PE coated electrolytically chrome- sheathed steel (ECCS) armor
• Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) outer jacket, HDPE jacket available on request
• UV- Resistant jacket
• Minimum bend radius 15x cable diameter during installation, 10x cable diameter post installation
• Minimum Bend Radius 15x cable outer diameter during installation; 10x cable outer diameter post installation
• Operating Temperature Range -40º F to 158º F (-40º C to 70º C)

OM1 - Fiber type: 62.5/125um*, Max Attem. (dB/km) 3.5/1.0, Bandwidth (MHz/Km) 200/500

OM2 - Fiber type: 50/125um*, Max Attem. (dB/km) 3.5/1.5, Bandwidth (MHz/Km) 500/500

OM3 - Fiber type: 50/125um*, Max Attem. (dB/km) 3.5/1.5, Bandwidth (MHz/Km) 2000/500

OS1 - Fiber type: 0.9/125um*, Max Attem. (dB/km) 0.5/0.4, Bandwidth (MHz/Km) n/a

* Measured via overfilled launch per TIA/EIA-455-204
** 850nm effective modal bandwidth measured via differential mode delay as specified in TIA/EIA-455-220

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