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PowerCat 6A UTP CMP/CMR Cable


Part No: CAA-00449P-XX, CAA-00450R-XX

Region: americas

PowerCat 6A UTP cable is capable of supporting 10GBASE-T applications and features an innovative noise-canceling aluminum/polyester isolation wrap surrounding the core that delivers excellent alien crosstalk (AXT) performance.

The product features a low outside diameter of 0.275” (Plenum) 0.25” (Riser), allowing for easier, more efficient installation and cable management. This also improves density and cooling. PowerCat 6A U/UTP cable is third party verified by ETL for Category 6A component compliance and is ideal for PoE applications requiring higher levels of current and is an excellent choice for high-bandwidth, mission-critical applications and wireless access points.

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  • Noise canceling insulated metallic isolation wrap surrounds surrounds the pairs for AXT protection
  • Low outside diameter of 0.275” (Riser) and 0.25” (Plenum) allows for improved cable density and handling
  • High cable density and reduced bend radius lowers installation cost
  • No grounding or bonding required
  • HDBaseT compliant
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3bt-2018 compliant
  • ANSI/TIA 568.2-D compliant
  • ETL verified Category 6A
  • Ideal for A/V applications up to 100m channel
  • Limited Power (LP) Rating - Plenum: 0.7A, Riser: 0.5A

CSA C22.2
IEEE 802.3bt-2018
UL 444
ETL Verified

Flame Rating:
   Plenum NFPA-70,CMP
   Riser-NFPA 70, CMR

RoHS Compliant
REACH compliant

Limited Power (LP) Rating:
   Plenum: 0.7A
   Riser: 0.5A

Tensile strength: 25lb

Mutual Capacitance (nominal): 5.1nF Ohms/100m
DC Resistance: 9.38 Ohms/100m maximum
Skew ns/100m maximum: 45
Pair to Ground Unbalance: 330 pF/100m maximum
Velocity of Propagation nominal %:
   CMP: 70
   CMR: 67
DC Resistance Unbalance: 4% maximum

Pair Count: 4
Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
AWG: 23
Cable Diameter: 0.275” (Riser) 0.25” (Plenum)
Weight: 33lbs/kft (Plenum), 34lb/lft (Riser)
Mininum Bend Radius: 1.00” (Plenum), 1.25” (Riser)
Jacket: Flame-retardant polymer alloy
Isolation Wrap: Polyester/Aluminum/Polyester
Operating Temperature: CMP, CMR: - 20 to 105°C
Installation Temperature: CMP, CMR: - 5 to 50°C

Our PowerCat 6A system is suitable for the most demanding PoE applications:
- IEEE 802.3bt from Type 1 to Type 4, and CISCO UPoE+
- HD Base-T PoH up to 100W
- RP3 compliant as defined by EN 50174-2:2018, ISO/IEC 14763-2:2019 and AS/NZS 14763.2:2020

- For new installations of PoE Type 3 / Class 5 and above that wish to be eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, we require Category 6A cable to be used throughout.
- To confirm your PoE / RP3 cabling design is eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, your design must be verified and validated with the Molex PoE Calculator. Read more at https://www.molexces.com/poe-calculator
- Molex recommends that the PoE feature on an individual switch port is power disabled prior to unplugging the associated powered Device.
- Molex recommends that the full range of PowerCat 6A products be used in a system to maximize cabling and PoE performance.
Details on Molex requirements for Warranty can be found at: https://www.molexces.com/about-us/our-warranty/