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4 Pair Termination Tool compatible with PowerCat 6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II


Part No: 31.0016

Region: global

The 4 Pair Termination Tool is designed specifically for compatibility with the Gen II C6A UTP jack. The tool is a robust, reliable product offering fast, fault-less gas-tight termination of all four pairs of solid cable simultaneously.

The C6A UTP Keystone Jack Gen II Termination tool is supplied with a cutting blade module installed and a spare replacement blade module.

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  • The Keystone Jack 4 Pair Tool provides fast, fault-less termination
  • Cutting blade module and spare supplied with each tool for long termination life
  • Ergonomic Tool Handle design for comfortable repeat operation

   Tool Base and Handle: Polypropylene
   Frame: Aluminium alloy
   Termination Module: Nylon
   Termination Blades: Stainless steel and carbon tool steel

Termination Module Operating Life: ≥ 1200 cycles
Termination Head wire accommodation: 23-24 AWG
Compatible Cable: Molex C6A UTP Cable only
Shipping Weight: 318g/11.28oz
Dimensions: 174mm/6.85in(L) x 33mm/1.3in (W) x 121.6mm/4.79in (H)