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24 1U and 48 Port 2U Keystone Jack Patch Panels Unloaded


Part No: PID-00257, PID-00289

Region: global

The Unloaded Keystone Jack Patch Panels can be configured to provide the exact number of modular ports required.

The panels accept Molex UTP or Shielded Keystone Jacks. The product is supplied with an earthing screw, front transparent label holders and robust rear cable management trays.

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  • 24 Port 1U and 48 Port 2U Unloaded
  • Easy snap in UTP and Shielded Keystone Jacks (supplied separately)
  • Modularity provides installation flexibility
  • Silk-screened individual port identification
  • Protected front labeling feature for additional panel or port identification
  • Robust cable management shelf ensures bend radius compliance
  • Cabinet fixing kit included

Material: CRS (cold rolled steel)
Thickness: 0.6” (1.52mm)
Coating: Powder Coat Black

1U 24 Port: 44mm (H) x 482mm (L) x 127.9 (D)
2U 48 Port: 88mm (H) x 482mm (L) x 127.9mm

RoHS compliant
REACH compliant

PowerCat 6A UTP and Shielded Keystone Jacks
PowerCat 6 and C5e UTP Keystone Jacks

Our PowerCat 6A system is suitable for the most demanding PoE applications:
- IEEE 802.3bt from Type 1 to Type 4, and CISCO UPoE+
- HD Base-T PoH up to 100W
- RP3 compliant as defined by EN 50174-2:2018, ISO/IEC 14763-2:2019 and AS/NZS 14763.2:2020

- For new installations of PoE Type 3 / Class 5 and above that wish to be eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, we require Category 6A cable to be used throughout.
- To confirm your PoE / RP3 cabling design is eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, your design must be verified and validated with the Molex PoE Calculator. Read more at https://www.molexces.com/poe-calculator
- Molex recommends that the PoE feature on an individual switch port is power disabled prior to unplugging the associated powered Device.
- Molex recommends that the full range of PowerCat 6A products be used in a system to maximize cabling and PoE performance.
Details on Molex requirements for Warranty can be found at: https://www.molexces.com/about-us/our-warranty/