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Horizontal Cable Manager


Part No: CMA-00085 , CMA-00087

Region: global

The Horizontal Cable Manager provides a side to side pathway for patch cords as well as providing slack management and protection. Designed to manage high-volume, high density patching. 

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Hinged light weight aluminum cover matches horizontal cable manager look and helps to maintain clean quiet front of rack appearance
  • Facilitate neat patch cord trough style routing between racks
  • Deep and wide plastic fingers support proper bend radius and enable dense fill rate between patch panels
  • Available in 1U (CMA-00085) and 2U (CMA-00087)

Material: ABS

Colour: Black

Dimensions (mm) (WxDxH): 482 x 136.6 x 48.9

Weight (kg): 1.0

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