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Indoor/Outdoor Semi Tight Buffered Riser Fiber Cable – Australia


Part No: AFOIR

Region: apac

Indoor/outdoor semi tight buffered riser fiber cable comprises of 4 or 6 sub-units stranded around a FRP central strength member. Sub-units comprise of 6 or 8 or 12 fibers.

Each fiber is semi tight coated to a 900 micron diameter, with a durable, protective material and the coating (LSZH buffer material). Each buffered fiber is uniquely color coded. Surrounding the group of buffered fibers are water blocking aramid yarns to provide the sufficient tensile strength to the cable, which effectively avoids damaging the cable during the installation, transportation, operation etc. A sheath is then applied over the sub-unit, tight fiber / aramid assembly and sub-units are colored black and ink jet printed with unique numbers (e.g. UNIT 1, UNIT 2, etc at 300mm intervals) to aid installation. The sheath has a flame retardant function, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH). Two water blocking yarns are applied over the central strength member (one longitudinally and one helically). The SZ stranded assembly has a water blocking tape which is then outer sheathed with Black LSZH jacket. A ripcord applied under outer sheath. All products are RoHS compliant.

Available only in Australia.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • 900um tight buffered
  • Water blocking aramid yarns provides sufficient strength to the cable to avoid damage during installation
  • LSZH sheath
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ripcord under the outer sheath for easy removal of LSZH jacket
  • UV stabilized

Buffer Diameter: 0.9± 0.05mm
Sub-unit Diameter:
   6, 12, 24 fiber = 4.8± 0.2mm
   48, 96 fiber = 6.0± 0.2mm
Cable Diameter:
   6 fiber = 4.8± 0.2mm
   12 fiber = 6.2± 0.2mm
   24 fiber = 15.0± 1.5mm
   48 fiber = 18.2± 1.5mm
   96 fiber = 25.6± 1.5mm
Approx. Cable Weight (± 10%):
   6 fiber = 22kgs/km
   12 fiber = 33kgs/km
   24 fiber = 185kgs/km
   48 fiber = 250kgs/km
   96 fiber = 546kgs/km
6F, 12F, 24F, 48F, 96F
Cable Bend
   Operation: ≥ 10 x Cable Diameter
   Installation: ≥ 20 x Cable Diameter
Tensile Strength
   Operation: 396N
   Installation: 1320N
Crush Resistance: 1000N/10cm
Operational Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Maximum Drum Lengths: 1000m

Max attenuation
   @1310nm: 0.4dB/km
   @1383nm: 0.4dB/km
   @1550nm: 0.3dB/km
   @1625nm: 0.3dB/km
Effective group index
   @1310 and 1383nm: 1.467
   @1550 and 1625nm: 1.468

Mode field diameter
   @1310nm: 9.2 ± 0.4μm
   @1550nm: 10.4 ± 0.5μm
Chromatic dispersion coefficient
   In the interval between 1285nm and 1330nm: ≤ 3.5ps/km.nm
   @1550nm: ≤18 ps/km.nm
   @1625nm: ≤22 ps/km.nm
Zero dispersion wavelength λ0: 1302 to 1322nm
Zero dispersion slope @ λ0: ≤ 0.092ps/(nm2.km)

Cut-off wavelength λCC:≤1260*nm
Proof stress level: ≥0.7(1% strain)Gpa
Fiber curl radius: >4m
Strip force (peak): 1.2≤ Fpeakstrip≤ 8.9N
Dynamic fatigue resistance aged and unaged: ≥ 20Nd
Static fatigue resistance: ≥23NS

   @850nm: ≤3.0dB/km
   @1300nm: ≤1.0dB/km
   Inhomogeneity of OTDR trace for any two 1000m fiber lengths: ≤0.2dB/km

   Overfilled launch modal bandwidth (OFL)
   @850nm: ≥1500MHz.km
   @1300nm: ≥500MHz.km
Effective model bandwidth (EMB)
@850nm: ≥2000MHz.km
   Effective group index
   @850nm: 1.482
   @1300nm: 1.477

Core diameter: 50±2.5μm
Cladding diameter: 125±1.0μm
Cladding non-circularity: ≤1.0%
Core non-circularity: ≤5%
Core cladding concentricity error: ≤1.5μm
Primary coating diameter: 245±10μm
Primary coating non-circularity: ≤5%
Primary coating-cladding concentricity error: ≤10μm
Secondary coating diameter: 900 ± 50μm
Proof stress level: ≥0.7(≈ 1 %)GPa
Typical average strip force: 1.7N
Strip force peak (F): 1.2≤ F≤8.9N
Numerical aperture: 0.200±0.015μm

IEC 60794-2
AS/NZS 11801.1
AS/CA S008: 2020
AS/NZS IEC 60332.1
IEC 60332-3-24

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