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Medical Grade Antimicrobial Wallplates & Patch Cords


Part No: HPCD-07000-0W HPCD-07001-0W HPCD-07002-0W HPCD-07003-0W HWGB-00001-02 HWGB-00002-02 HKSJ-00005-02 HMGB-00002-02 HMGB-00006-02 HMLG-00021-02 HMLG-00030-02 HMLG-00037-02 HWPJ-00057-02 HWPJ-00058-02 HWPJ-00059-02

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Molex Medical Grade antimicrobial wall plates and patch cord products have been created by incorporating an antibacterial agent (biocide) that can assist in suppressing the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of products when conditions exist where growth can occur. They can assist in keeping surfaces clean and sanitary and can also have an advantage in minimizing the impact on the environment by minimizing diffusion of the agent.

Molex Medical Grade products have been independently tested and comply with ISO 22196:2011. They form a part of an effective sanitization protocol are not intended as replacement.

Full list of part numbers below:
Patch cords
HPCD-07000-0W , HPCD-07001-0W , HPCD-07002-0W , HPCD-07003-0W 

Outlets & connectors
HWGB-00001-02 , HWGB-00002-02 , HKSJ-00005-02 , HMGB-00002-02 , HMGB-00006-02 , HMLG-00021-02 , HMLG-00030-02 , HMLG-00037-02 , HWPJ-00057-02 ,  HWPJ-00058-02 , HWPJ-00059-02 

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  • Assists in suppression of the growth of bacteria on wall plates and patch cords
  • Contemporary design, smooth finished wallplates for ease of cleaning
  • Modular wall plate footprint allows for Cat 6, Cat 6A and optical fiber fitout
  • 10G performance when installed as a complete PowerCat 6A Shielded System
  • LS0H Sheath – Patch Cords
  • Slim anti-snag slip on boots – Patch Cords
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Third party tested to ISO 22196:2011

Patch Cords
Cable Conductor size: 26 AWG stranded copper wire
Screen material: Aluminum/polyester shield with tinned copper drain wire
Nom. O.D.: 6.5mm
Sheath: Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H)
Bend radius: 8X O.D.
Operating temperature range: -25°C to +55°C

Min. operating life: 750 insertion cycles
RJ45 plug material: Clear Polycarbonate (PC)
Boot material: Poly Carbonate (PC)
Contact material: 0.35mm thick copper
Contact plating: 1.27um gold
RJ45 plug dimensions compliant with: ISO/IEC 60603-7-51 and FCC 47 Part 68

   Single Gang: 86 x 86mm (external), 52 x 45mm (internal aperture)
   Module and Blank: 52 x 22.5mm
   Double Gang: 86 x 145mm (external), 52 x 90mm (internal aperture)
   Module and Blank: 52 x 22.5mm

Patch Cords
ISO/IEC 11801 2nd Ed Amd 1 Class EA
TIA-568-C.2 Cat 6A
UL 1863
CSA C22.2
ISO 22196:2011
LS0H Sheath: IEC 60332-1
IEC 61034-2
RoHS Compliant

ISO 22196:2011
RoHS Compliant

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