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Outdoor Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cable


Part No: AFOLJ

Region: apac asia

Cable containing up to 60 optical fibers in water blocked loose tubes (Maximum 12 fibers per tube) and solid polyethylene fillers, total of 5 elements laid-up around a glass reinforced plastic (GRP) central strength member, water blocked interstices, taped with polyethylene overall sheath.

Available in China and India only.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Installation Instructions
  • OS1/OS2, OM1 to OM4 Multimode performance
  • Internal / Duct grade
  • Aramid Yarn Strength Member
  • Polyethylene Sheath
  • Non metallic construction, ideal for campus applications
  • Loose tubes and optical fibers are color coded for easy identification

See datasheet

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