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Outdoor Unitube Single Sheathed Armored Type Fiber Cable


Part No: AFOUN

Region: asia apac

Cable containing up to 4 – 24 optical fibers in water blocked loose tube. Taped, corrugated steel tape armored (STA); polyethylene (HDPE) outer sheathed; and embedded with two steel wires on the periphery. The cables are constructed with a UV stabilized PE jacket. The cable is anti-termite and anti-rodent.

Available in China and India only.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Loose tube construction
  • Armored for harsh outdoor applications
  • Loose tube construction surrounds the fibers in a protective gel, allowing for expansion and contraction of the cable without damage to the fibers
  • Fibers compliant to ISO/IEC 11801 fiber specifications
  • UV stabilized PE jacket to protect from rodent attacks

Construction Details
Number of Elements: 1
Tube: Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Tube Color: White -
Tube Diameter: 3.0/2.0 mm nominal OD/ID
No of Fibers: 4/6/8/12/24
Fiber Color Sequence: Blue, Orange,
Green, Brown, Slate (Gray), White, Red,
Black, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Aqua
Water Blocking: Thixotropic Gel (Tube)
Petroleum Jelly (Interstices)
Core Wrapping: Polyester tape / Water swellable tape
Armoring: Corrugated Steel Tape Armor
(ECCS Tape) Thickness > 0.125mm
Peripheral Strength Member: Two steel
wires (0.9 mm dia)
Ripcord: Polyester based yarns below armored tape for easy ripping
Outer Sheath: UV Stabilized Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sheath Thickness: 2.0 mm nominal
Sheath Color: Black

See datasheet for more information

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