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Self Adhesive Cable Management Hub


Part No: KFR-00053

Region: global

The Self Adhesive Cable Management Hub is designed to be installed as a whole unit or be segmented to allow cable routing as required by the installer. It can accommodate a number of cable diameters up to 4.5mm and is also stackable either as a whole or in segment, providing unparalleled flexibility.

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  • Fiber pathway allows for easy storage of excess fiber and multi-directional routing of entry or exit fibers
  • Allows storage of fiber - 250μm, 900μm and up to 4.5mm
  • Maintains 30mm bend radius
  • Can be split into six separate segments
  • Clips together allowing multiple stacks to be formed
  • Mountable via holes or double sided foam adhesive pad

Material: ABS
Diameter: 90mm
Height: 20mm with Adhesive Pad
Shipping Weight: 22g
Color: Black

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