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Key Points for Ensuring Installation Conformance

four testers used to test cable

In order to register a completed installation for the Molex Connected Enterprise Solution 25 Year System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty, installers need to test and document its conformance. The correct tester setup is essential to ensure accurate results, and there are some key points to consider when setting up the tester.

  • Understand which standards are used in your region and check any project documentation to ensure correct test limits are used: for example, ISO or TIA
  • If you are using field terminated plugs ( MPTL links) you will need to use a Patch Cord Adaptor for the MPTL test, NOT a Channel Adaptor.
  • Where possible, list the cable by part number. Test parameters have been supplied to the approved tester manufacturers and this will ensure the correct parameters appear on the tester.
  • Where it is not possible to list the cable part number, ensure the correct cable type is listed: for example, for a shielded installation specify F/UTP or U/FTP cable type to ensure the shield test is enabled.
  • If a shielded site is tested with a U/UTP cable type selected, the shield is not tested for. If present, the shield will be shown on the wiremap; however if not present, the tester will not fail the test as it is not testing for the shield.
  • Changing the cable type in the software after downloading the results will not check test results and identify links where the shield is missing. Therefore it is important to be accurate from the start.
  • With increasing use of PoE devices, it is recommended the (+PoE) variant of the tests be used as a minimum to test DC Resistance Unbalance and Pair to Pair Resistance Unbalance. This will only add 1-2 seconds to the test.

NB If you are using a Fluke Networks DSX series tester, we have created tester setup documents in conjunction with Fluke Networks. These are available from the Customer Support Portal (CSP) and can be printed and placed in the tester kit for quick reference.

Additional guidance on testing is available in our Technical Bulletins section on the Customer Support Portal (CSP)– log in or register here. Alternatively please contact your local Sales Representative.

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