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The importance of good discipline in Warranty Programs

A data cabling network is essential to every company with a physical premises, as vital as electricity or lighting. Installing or upgrading cabling infrastructure can be a significant expense, but as the current and future performance of an IT network has a direct impact on the performance of the business, it should not be thought of as an expense but an investment into a strategic asset.

The difference between an expense and an investment is how well it pays you back over time: the longer the asset continues to perform as required, the better an investment it has been. Of course, businesses don’t stand still, and so an infrastructure that’s set in stone does not make sense. The goal is to design and install an architecture with the long term in mind, but without incurring the additional cost and complexity of overspecifying. This concept of thinking long-term includes two vital aspects: ever-increasing bandwidth and data requirements; and the physical durability of the installation. Moves-adds-changes and acts of god aside, a well designed and well installed structured cabling system should last for decades.  

Protecting all parties

A warranty is a form of insurance designed to protect the owner in the event that their assets do not perform as required. However, a well designed and well executed warranty program will be able to protect all parties involved.

-End users will be protected, because in the event of interruptions or outages, their costs are covered. In some warranties the vendor will also provide the installers, meaning that the end users won’t even have to take the time to find a professional to undertake the work.

-Installers will be protected, because if the original warranty application was properly evaluated and assessed, they will not be liable for rectification measures. In fact, in the event of a successful warranty claim, they might be paid by the vendor to put things right. The warranty approval process should serve as a safety net, to catch any potential issues that might have been missed by the installers themselves.

-The vendors will also be protected because the process of checking designs and verifying test results ensures the network is designed and built to a high standard. Preventing future issues helps maintain their good reputation with the end user and any other parties who were involved – consultants, project managers, builders etc.

Elements of a good warranty

Not all warranty programs are alike. As with any other form of insurance, the devil is in the detail. What exactly is not covered is critically important. Here are some of the elements to look out for.

Warranty duration

Type of cover

Written in plain English

Discipline and high standards

Relationship between the vendor and the installer

Warranties- protecting more than just cabling

Ensuring a data cabling network delivers long-term value for money can be a challenge. To achieve this it is vital the system is designed carefully so that future demands and technologies can be accommodated without having to completely overhaul the installation. However it is equally vital the warranty provides the right type of cover. Not all warranties are created equal, but by ensuring high standards throughout the process, a good warranty will protect all parties involved.

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